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"He took this competitive, rookie runner and helped her accomplish things she never thought possible. In the 10 months that I’ve trained with Coach Minus, I’ve PR’d every distance not once, but twice. "

Stephanie Grimes, Tampa, FL

"Brad assessed me perfectly and set out a plan that kept me progressively enjoying the sport week-by-week and also feeling like I could comfortably complete the challenge."

Peter Angood MD, St. Petersburg, FL

"Through time it became evident that I was learning much more than techniques, but rather an entirely new, and more educated, approach on how to train to achieve an athletic goal in a manner that minimizes bodily strain and the risk of injury, and maximizes performance....I met my personal goals, and this simply would not have happened without Brad.”

Pete Nelson, Tampa, FL

"... Brad’s coached training program helped me shave over 20 minutes off my previous Olympic distance Triathlon time and almost 30 minutes off my HALF IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon time."

Josh Wilkins, Tampa, FL

"Brad was able to work with and adjust to my random work schedule. Which was important to my success. He welcomed my ideas and is a good sounding board. We worked to find the best solution for my goals… Together. Working with Brad was a pleasure and I could not have achieved all the success I have had… as efficiently… as I did without his coaching and expertise.”

Bryan Penton, Schaumburg, IL

"Coach Brad informed me the first thing we were going to work on is my running form which should correct my hip discomfort. And he was right! After 5 weeks of learning proper running form I am happy to say I run pain free!"

Heather Foster, Clearwater, FL

"Each lesson we went through the running form step by step, including how to warm up and cool down. By the second week of the session, I could feel the difference of the way I was running. I was not as nearly as fearful about being injured as I was prior. Running was becoming a lot more enjoyable."

Keiko Schwamlein, Tampa FL

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